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Ardent Heart


Ardent Heart is the debut album from One Eyed Crows and was released on 6th December 2014.


We started production in June 2012 and have put our hearts and souls into the lyrics and music since then. It has been a journey of learning and healing for us. We are excited to be able to share these songs with you now.


Our first release is 'Return to the Stars', released on 21st June 2014, is sung from the heart by Gary Collins. The supremely talented, and focused, Stephen 'Steo' Farrell composed the music.

Our second release 'What I See' was released on 8th November 2014. It is sung by Neal Traynor who came up with the original idea for the music which Steo then performed his magic on.

Every song that we create is a close collaboration between us, each one contributing to each song in their own way.



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