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Quotes from the teachings of the Jade Sun School




"The Eternal Now penetrated the Human Soul at Golgotha 33 AD 3 pm. It's waiting now to penetrate all of us, as us. Then it can restore the Tree of Life forces in the Human Being and resurrect us to our true status as eternal beings of Love and Freedom. Let us work to let go of what separates us from ourselves and all others by embracing through the Heart love, loyalty, and friendship."



"All self-sympathy must be culled if true harmony is to be restored and evolution to continue."


Extract from our Interview with Positive Life Magazine when asked about the band name:

“My mentor sometimes comes as a crow,” Gary begins, “And what’s behind that is the teaching of how suffering helps us evolve, if we embrace it with pure logic and what we need to do is stop trying to get away from suffering and actually embrace it and penetrate through it, then we can dissolve it, but again, that is the path of the spiritual warrior, and crow is the big, great teacher there, that allows you to enter the dark and find the light in the dark. Once you find the light in the dark you’re home, because that’s permanent. You can never be afraid of the dark again. Crow is that crow energy….Crow also represents a state of consciousness where your eye become single, you’re no longer a polarity, because you accept the role of suffering in evolution, in a way that you feel liberated by that acceptance, it’s not a resignation now, it’s actually a liberation….you can’t get to the eagle or the white dove or whatever you want to call it, without seeing your own hand in your suffering.”



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